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12:01 PM Scalix Feature #60917: Attaching files using drag&drop in SWA
actually, yes this is planed on the all new 13.0 SWA.
to implement it right now would be tricky I guess, but if i...


05:10 PM Scalix Bug #60841: Not able to migrate PST file data
well my idea was to setup a test exchange server and try to use the pst file to import in there to see IF actually ms...


10:30 PM Scalix Bug #60666 (Rejected): severe installer / upgrade issues
installer upgrade function is buggy and imcomplete to a extend preventing us from releasing 12.6
- upgrade does no...


12:29 AM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button
and I agree with Andrea, we need to add it - please proceed


11:25 PM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button
well, actually we had a email discussion and I agreed to put the button in for now. but yes the main fix is that the ...


01:53 AM Scalix Bug #60349: outlook and webmail show different inbox folder
Alexey Bobyr wrote:
> Please look into it.
> Also consider that webmail h...
01:49 AM Scalix Bug #60351: different profile namings
and one more update - I can now open again my second mailaccount with similar cn/first/lastname without outlook crash...
01:46 AM Scalix Bug #60351: different profile namings
I did some more testing
I removed my profile and created the two new profiles without smartcache and without ssl use...
01:30 AM Scalix Bug #60351 (Closed): different profile namings
i added to open additional mailaccounts to my main outlook mapi profile. it works only if I enter "csm" or a other us...
12:22 AM Scalix Bug #60349 (Rejected): outlook and webmail show different inbox folder
I have outlook and removed and moved some emails from inbox. than I closed outlook and started it again - than I logg...

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