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  • Company Name: Scalix
  • Registered on: 10/02/2015
  • Last connection: 02/05/2019


  • Scalix (ROLE_Manager, ROLE_All_Devs, ROLE_Server_devs, ROLE_MAPI_Devs, ROLE_Web_Devs, ROLE_HTML_coder, 10/06/2015)


Reported issues: 60


07:45 AM Scalix Bug #60638: platform cache does not contain all messages
07:43 AM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button


07:45 AM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button
Bryan, please provide us with nice refresh icon (green color)


06:56 AM Scalix Feature #60698 (Resolved): database for scalix-postgres processing
1. if rpm is erased, drop pg instance
2. if rpm if upgrading, reinit pg instance


09:16 AM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button
let's clarify again
from description above we can consider "send/receive all" button as "refresh everything", but bu...


07:17 AM Scalix Feature #60561: add "reload" button
i'm confused.
now we have icon "send/receive" at toolbar for all folders, except calendars and contacts.
we can do ...


10:47 AM Scalix Bug #60416: segfaults when using pam_ldap for authentication (scalix13?)
moved to 12.7


10:58 AM Scalix Feature #60029: Tune Tomcat config to reduce CLOSE_WAIT sockets
10:57 AM Scalix Feature #60041: Upgrade lucene to 4.7.2
it's the last version that supports java 1.6
10:54 AM Scalix Feature #60504: start web applications simultaneously

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