Feature #61231

Updated by Alexey Bobyr over 1 year ago

Currently sxaa utility supports following conditions

Specifying Conditions

It is also possible to specify a simple condition to apply to a rule.

There are a number of possible conditions: --subject, --sender, --header and --itemclass. Some example uses :

sxaa --user "Sam Orr" --file "JUNK" --subject "SPAM"
sxaa --user "Sam Orr" --file "dave" --sender ""
sxaa --user "Sam Orr" --file "Spam?" --header "X-Spam-Status:***"
sxaa --user "Sam Orr" --file "Sched" --itemclass "IPM.Schedule"


But there are no condition, which allows to filter emails and contains some word in text (email body).

Please see attached files which adds text filtering for sxaa during rule creation .

Command line example to redirect email to another user if email body contains some text
> sxaa --user "USER1" --redirect --retain --contains "e-mail contains this text"