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Jitsi VB vs. BigBlueButton

Added by Rene Blechschmidt 10 months ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Alexey Bobyr
Scalix Meet (WebRTC , JSXC , Prosody XMPP server)
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Hi there,

I've seen you are working on collaboration video platform for scalix?
You are planned this with JVB ?

I've tested JVB last year and now we have BBB in progress. BBB is a very cool collaboration audiovideo platform, included whiteboards, screensharing , chat and many other tools.
It worked like a charm.
JVB doesn't worked for me and my company.JVB can only proceed with a forced TUN/STUN from jets or google. In BBB you can configure your own TUN/STUN services. Additional I had a sipgate basic account configured there in FreeSwitch, that you can have audio conferences over telephone .
Have a look to BigBlueButton. It's cool ;-)

best regards


Scalix-61296.pdf View Scalix-61296.pdf 141 KB Alexey Bobyr, 06/30/2020 09:35 AM



Updated by Alexey Bobyr 10 months ago

actually we have some more or less working thing

in pdf you will some docs how to configure .

I can configure at

or will create temporary user at our - we have limited resources there. But anyway installation not fully minimized need to do something by hand but it works,.


Updated by Alexey Bobyr 10 months ago

with a forced TUN/STUN from jets or google

Well I configured own stun turn server . well for that need 2 IPS but server in USA one guy in brazil and I from UA. everything was fine.
so if have own stun turn server its more or less usable.

I can create an account in our stun/turn server for you and you may try JVB with our server


Updated by Rene Blechschmidt 10 months ago

Thx, Alexey,

but at this time we have found our AV Conference Tool. BBB helped us in this corona times. I had our own instance running and have modified it for us.


Also available in: Atom PDF