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Add option to whitelist specific domains

Added by Monika Pum almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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While configuring sclaix rules in outlook found actual important features missing:
There is no current option to whitelist a specific domain please add a new feature “all from the following list of domains”



Updated by Robert Schardl almost 5 years ago

Great Idea, but this has to be implemented on server first and not on client.
All the rules are working server side, that's a key feature on Scalix.

So please forward this to Danny.


Updated by Christian Schwirtz almost 5 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Robert Schardl to Danny T
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The feature request must be approved from CSM


Updated by Monika Pum almost 5 years ago

  • Priority changed from Low to Normal

Sorry I faild to mention, this request was from CSM I just posted it on his behalf. Please give it an estimate and set proper expectations (target version and so on) Thanks


Updated by Danny T almost 5 years ago

For the record, this is part of the sxaa man page:

       sxaa - administer server-based Scalix rules (autoactions)

       sxaa --user USER

       sxaa --user USER --forward ADDRESS [--text FILENAME] [FILTER] [--title RULETITLE]
       sxaa --user USER --reply FILENAME [FILTER] [--title RULETITLE]
       sxaa --user USER --redirect ADDRESS [--retain] [FILTER] [--title RULETITLE]
       sxaa --user USER --file FOLDERNAME [FILTER] [--title RULETITLE]
       sxaa --user USER --delete [FILTER] [--title RULETITLE]
       sxaa --user USER --remove REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --on REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --off REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --oof y --ref REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --oof n --ref REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --info REFERENCE
       sxaa --user USER --toggleretain REFERENCE
       sxaa --help

               where FILTER can be one of:
                       --subject, --sender, --group, --itemclass or --header
               --not reverses the meaning of the filter
               ADDRESS is either an internet address of the form :
                       or a Scalix address of the form :
               REFERENCE is a number from the AANO column in 'sxaa --user USER' output.

       sxaa can be used to administer server-based Scalix rules (autoactions).

       This allows administrators to set up simple rules without needing to use a client or know the user's mailbox password.

       This command should be run as root.


Updated by Andrea Lanfranchi almost 5 years ago

Whitelist addition is a feature related to antispam which, AFAIK, is not controllable client side.

Sxaa manages only automation rules (like forward, reply, OOF, redirect, delete) on messages delivered.

Two completely different topics.


Updated by Alexey Bobyr about 3 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Danny T to OutlookMAPIClientDevsGroup

Updated by Alexey Bobyr almost 3 years ago

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